Best Web Development Company (ies)
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Best Web Development Company (ies) - Sep 2014

Firm's set standards for quality in development. Firm's ability to create code that will work in different browsers. Firm's ability to create secure code that does not permit intrusions. Firm's ability to offer quality services to their customers. Firm's ability to resolve issues on a timely basis. Change in Rank Indicates shift in rank from previous month's rank.
1st Award
VJG Interactive

Perth, Australia Surendra Lal 315-642-_4730 Visit VJG Interactive File A Complaint
Commend This Agency
2006 Over $5 million Above 100 200+ 98% L Werth Reality, Subway, ACE Hardware, Studio 8
98 99 100 99 100 NC More Info
2nd Award
Next Digital Group Pty Ltd

Melbourne, Victoria Christin Burns 61-38612_6888 Visit Next Digital Group Pty Ltd File A Complaint
Commend This Agency
2008 $250,000 - $999,000 11 - 25 50+ 87% L Vivas Lend Lease, Sirena, Brisbane Water, Visit Victoria
99 100 100 100 100 - More Info
3rd Award
Magicdust Pty Ltd

, Australia Miller, David 1300 309_ 379 Visit Magicdust Pty Ltd File A Complaint
Commend This Agency
2006 $1 million - $2,999,999 11 - 25 H PIn 2006, Magicdust founders Bianca Rothschild and Ian Mills saw a need to create a web design company with a difference. Magicdust was born with the intention of empowering small business owners to embrace the internet simply and with confidence. Magicdu, Truly Exceptional Company
100 100 100 100 100 - More Info
Adrenalin Media

Ghana, USA - 23324459_7108 Visit Adrenalin Media File A Complaint
Commend This Agency
2009 Under $250,000 1 - 10 51 - 100 L Movie Network, Westfield, Coles, Canon
100 99 100 100 98 -2 More Info
Wiliam Pty Limited

North Sydney, New South Wales Robert Beerworth +61-299 788 _888 Visit Wiliam Pty Limited File A Complaint
Commend This Agency
1997 $3 million - $4,999,999 26 - 50 45 93% M Action Paintball, Stiletto, Kpau Fashion, Gadget Guy
100 98 100 99 98 -2 More Info
Arrow Internet Marketing

Melbourne, Victoria Anup Batra 1300-766_-665 Visit Arrow Internet Marketing File A Complaint
Commend This Agency
2008 $250,000 - $999,000 11 - 25 16 80% H Commonwealth Bank,, Queensland Government, Fuji Xerox
97 98 99 100 99 NC More Info
Broadway Infotech

Baulkham Hills , New South Wales Ashwani Kumar 1300- 658_-051 Visit Broadway Infotech File A Complaint
Commend This Agency
2009 $250,000 - $999,000 1 - 10 32 82% M MAtriXgroup, Real Estate Academy, BUNN,G&M Wine Merchants, Signrider Advertising
100 98 99 96 98 NC More Info
Mitash - Results Driven Interactive Agency

Melbourne, Victoria Ash Mehta 61-39040_2318 Visit Mitash - Results Driven Interactive Agency File A Complaint
Commend This Agency
2002 $1 million - $2,999,999 51 - 100 40+ 96% M Banalasta, Anna & Sally, Protero Wines, Purebaby - Organic Clothing
97 99 98 99 96 NC More Info

Camberwell, Victoria Sean Richards 61-39882_6909 Visit File A Complaint
Commend This Agency
2003 Under $250,000 11 - 25 15 85% H Scallywag Productions, Austrlian Road Forum, Lektec Consulting, Sketcho Graphic Design
98 99 97 98 95 NC More Info
Bluewire Media

West End, Queensland Adam Franklin 61-73846_7687 Visit Bluewire Media File A Complaint
Commend This Agency
2005 $1 million - $2,999,999 11 - 25 40+ 92% M redsuit, multiplex, phorm, sunsuper
97 98 97 99 95 NC More Info

Evaluation Criteria for Web Development

eb Development is constantly changing and evolving with new and updated forms of technology. The internet is constantly changing pace as websites update their code and new innovations in development are being made. With more and more companies moving to the internet for business purposes, websites are being created with the intent to do business online or to relay information. Web developers create secure code that works on a web server to allow businesses to do their business online with clients and to relay information using web technology.

We evaluate web development agencies based on the quality of work they are able to provide and the input from their customers as well as the overall view of customer websites. Our evaluation criteria has developed from the expectations of the customers for the finished product of a website.

Development standards are critiqued based on what the vendor considers to be a finished product as well as the steps followed in development. We review the important aspects of the development process to ensure that development is done right.

Our browser compatibility assessment is based on how well a website will function on varying browsers. Some websites are built with code that does not function with different operating systems or browsers which limits the use of the website to only certain users. Code can be developed to allow multiple platforms to access and use the website.

Code security is scrutinized based on how secure the website is and the technologies being used to ensure that hackers are unable to gain unauthorized access to the website.

We evaluate service based on the input we receive from customers, both past and present, about the vendor. We ask questions relating to how the company was able to provide services and the expectations that were either met or unmet that the customers had.

The customer support evaluation is based on a company's ability to resolve issues with their customers on a timely basis regarding technical issues with the code developed.

General Queries

  • What type of needs analysis was conducted before work initiated?
  • What type of a ROI were you anticipating, what was achieved and in what time frame?
  • What would be 3 things you would change about your experience?
  • What was your total investment?
  • Rate your overall experience (1-10; 10 being the highest).


Project Specific Queries :

  • What form of planning and strategy was undertaken by the agency before they started on your project?
  • How much guidance did the web development company provide during the planning stages?
  • How long did it take during the planning stages?
  • How long did it take from planning to completion?
  • Have you encountered any function-hindering bugs? If so, has the service provider resolved the issues? How quickly?